SuperCom Serial Communication Library for Windows and Linux Components and Libraries Serial Communication Library for Windows and Linux supporting ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, KERMIT, 9-bit, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi,...
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Serial Communication Library, TCP/IP data communication library, ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, KERMIT, MODBUS, ASCII, 3964, RK512, AS511, LSV2, LSV/2, S7, Heidenhain. Communication Suite for Serial, TCP/IP and ISDN. One common API used for Windows & Linux, for serial ports and TCP/IP connections, fast, rock solid, stable, concurrent connections, low CPU consumption and high data throughput. Serial port communication sniffer and monitoring utility, Serieller Protokoll Analysator. Serielle Daten Analyse, Datenaufzeichnung, serielle kommunikation aufzeichnen und simulieren Create native Windows Services with ease, Windows Service Development Library Combine runtime files into one executable file and distribute this file Industrial Protocols 3964,RK512, AS511, MODBUS communications library run 16 Bit DOS serial software in Windows ZMODEM File Server, KERMIT File Server, unattended file transfer protocol, modem connect MODBUS Protocol Library, MODBUS Driver,Serial Communication, tcp/ip - MODBUS RTU and ASCII Mode, driver, Access PLC
LSV/2 Protocol and TCP functions. Control Heidenhain TNC without option 18.
Library for Heidenhain TNC (e.g. TNC320, TNC426, iTNC530, TNC620, TNC640, TNC7, DataPilot CP 620, DataPilot CP 640, DataPilot MP 620, DataPilot 4110, DataPilot 4290 using compiler C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java)
Porting Windows API thread applications to Linux,library, C, C++, Pascal, beginthread, beginthreadex, EnterCriticalSection, CreateHandle, Event Handle, WaitForSingleObject, WaitForMultipleObjects, WritePrivateProfileString, GetPrivateProfileString, LoadLibrary


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