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Library, Component for S7 ISO-on-TCP Communication

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S7 functions access S7-300 S7-400 read data blocks input output timer counterSome SuperCom S7 functions
64 Bit Ready32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions available!

Samples supporting the NET Framework, C#, Visual Basic NET Serial, TCP, ISDN, data communication for Windows Serial & TCP/IP data communication for Linux

Control S7 PLC with S7 protocol and ISO-on-TCP

SuperCom S7 Protocol Library

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The SuperCom S7 Protocol Library includes functions to exchange data with a S7 PLC. The data transmission protocol used is referred as ISO-on-TCP (RFC 1006) and the connection to the PLC is established using the TCP/IP protocol.

The application is using the high-level functions of the SuperCom S7 Protocol Library for a flexible and speed optimized data exchange. Read or write operands like Data Blocks, Marker/Flags, Inputs, Outputs, Counters, Timer, Memory areas, etc.

Despite the professional orientation of the SuperCom S7 Protocol Library it is really easy to use and accompanied by many samples.

Exchanging data (Reading or Writing) are whenever possible handled internally as one request. This approach enables the SuperCom S7 Protocol Library to optimize speed and network traffic by treating requests for different plc areas as one so called "mixed requests" (one request send to the plc and one reply back).

Accomplish with ease
In most cases only a handful functions are needed to talk to the PLC. Your project is updated real fast. A lot of functions is backing you up to accomplish different tasks or configurations.

The SuperCom S7 Protocol Library uses the SuperCom for TCP/IP communication layer which provides a rock solid foundation enabling to develop stable and accurate data communication software in short time. The special SuperCom data transfer technology used increases speed and data throughput and it often reduces network traffic.

The SuperCom S7 Protocol Library accesses the S7 station directly without using another software layer (e.g. OPC server or driver from third party) that can cause delays.

S7 samples

1. Read input bits


   -- Init Sequence --

   TCOMMID Com = RS_S7OpenLink(S7CONFIGSTR); // TCP setup and S7 setup

   -- Access -- Fetch 3 input bits e.g. I1.0 to I1.2

  BYTE  cBuffer[3];     // 3 bits returned as 3 bytes
  DWORD dwAmount  = 3;  // bits requested = 0, 1, 2
  DWORD dwAddress = BitAddress(1, 0); // from Bit-Address

  if (RS_S7Ready(Com))
     long nRet =  RS_S7Fetch(Com,
                            ORG_INPUT | ORG_REQ_IN_BITS,


  C/C++    C#    Delphi    Visual Basic


The above samples are nearly complete programs. More Init-Sequences can be found here.

S7 programmers library, access S7 data blocks, inputs, outputs, flags, timer, counter, ...

RS_S7OpenLink is an extension to the newer function RS_OpenLink. The manual will also describe how to connect to the S7 using the native SuperCom API, but RS_S7OpenLink is definitely the shortest form.


2. Read from S7 Data Blocks


      // Fetch 2 WORDs from DB 10, starting at address 0

  WORD  wBuffer[2];
  DWORD dwAddress = 0; // start from
  DWORD dwAmount  = 2 * sizeof(WORD); // 2*2 = 4 bytes

  long nRet = RS_S7Fetch(Com,
                         RS_S7BLOCK_AREA_NR(ORG_DB, 10),
  C/C++    C#    Delphi    Visual Basic


License Information
Executable Applications (e.g. .EXE) developed using SuperCom can be distributed royalty free.

Supported compilers
C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Visual Studio, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic NET (VB net), C++ Builder, Borland C/C++, Microsoft C/C++, MinGW, Borland Pascal, VBA, LabVIEW, PowerBuilder and other Windows programming tools (MS .NET ?).

for C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Visual Studio, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET (VB net) included. Many small samples also listed in the manual. More ...

How to use?
In order to use the SuperCom S7 Protocol Library a TCP/IP capable SuperCom library is also required e.g. combine with SuperCom for TCP/IP or SuperCom Suite. See also the following chart.

The SuperCom S7 Protocol Library can also be used to analyse and monitor error conditions on a PLC since polling of signals and values on short time frames is possible.

What to order?
Some possible combinations can be found here

PDF Document: SuperCom-S7-Software-Library TCP/IP data communication, SIEMENS S7 Library, Windows and Linux, driver software



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