SuperCom Heidenhain Library
for Windows and Linux

Serial Communications, TCP/IP lsv2,Heidenhain-Library, Windows and Linux Communication Solutions by ADONTEC
TNC Explorer sample application

64 Bit Ready32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions available!

Control Heidenhain TNC through the serial port or Ethernet (TCP/IP)


Library for Heidenhain TNC incl. LSV/2 Protocol and TCP functions, for Windows and Linux Serial and TCP communication library, LSV/2 protocol, Windows and Linux

The SuperCom Heidenhain Library enables data communication with a Heidenhain TNC. The data communication can be established using serial lines or TCP/IP protocol.

The SuperCom Heidenhain Library almost hides the complexity of the data communication to a Heidenhain TNC and provides functions that perform the most wanted tasks by using simple function calls.

SuperCom establishes the connection to the Heidenhain TNC directly via the serial port or the TCP/IP protocol stack.

The whole data communication is running transparently using high-speed functions achieving rapid results.

Controlling many connections concurrently is supported and that is common to SuperCom.

The library includes high-speed functions for file transfer to and from the Heidenhain TNC (send, receive), list, create or delete directories, rename or delete files, read TNC configuration data, read and write absolute memory etc.

Following a short list of some functions:

HN_SetConfig Configure the SuperCom software and/or the remote TNC
HN_GetCurrentDir Retrieve the information about the TNC's current directory
HN_ChangeDir Change the TNC's current directory
HN_MakeDir Create a directory under the current directory
HN_RemoveDir Removes a directory
HN_FileExists Check if a specific file name exists on the TNC
HN_CopyFile Create a copy of a specific file on the TNC
HN_DeleteFile Delete a specific file on the TNC
HN_RenameFile RenameFile a specific file on the TNC
HN_ReceiveFile Retrieve a file from the TNC (Download, incl. Events and Progress-Information)
HN_SendFile Transmit a local file to the TNC (Upload, incl. Events and Progress-Information)
HN_ChangeFileAttr Changes a files attributes on the TNC
HN_SetFileTime Changes a files time stamp on the TNC
HN_GetTNCDateTime Retrieve the date & time information of the TNC
HN_SetTNCDateTime Set the date & time information of the TNC
HN_ReadMemory Access memory area to read information of the TNC
HN_WriteMemory Access memory area to alter information on the TNC
HN_GetSystemParam Retrieve the TNC configuration
HN_ActivateAndRun Activate and run the specific program file
HN_GetRunInfoEx Provides DNC state information



Special Features:

Handle directories and files. Transfer files. Query Active Program, Errors, Execution Mode, Program Status, Overrides Values, Machine up time, Machine running time, Tool Info, Axes config & position, Cutter location, DNC Mode, Spindle Speed, Temperatures, and more. Read/Write memory locations, markers, counters, inputs, outputs, timers, ...

The SuperCom Heidenhain Library implements the protocol functions using a SuperCom communication library (serial or TCP/IP) and the SuperCom LSV/2 protocol module* that provides a stable data communication link.

The SuperCom library provides fast and rock solid functions to extract information and control one or more TNC machines. It enables the software developer to control many connections to different TNC machines simultaneously. It enables to query information by different ways thus increasing the amount of information to extract. Also, the amount of information supported and returned by the different TNC machines differs.

There is only one API to learn! The same functions and parameters used with serial, TCP/IP or ISDN type of connections.

*Included with this library.

What to order?
The SuperCom Heidenhain Library needs a SuperCom communication layer for the data transfer (Serial and/or TCP) e.g. SuperCom Serial for Windows, SuperCom Suite for Windows. The SuperCom communication layer is responsible for establishing connections and low level data transfer.
* The SuperCom LSV2 Protocol Module is included with the SuperCom Heidenhain Library

Favorable combinations

Hardware requirements
Heidenhain TNC with a serial port interface (serial LSV/2 protocol link) or Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface.
An Option 18 is not required/used.

License Information
Executables developed using the SuperCom library can be distributed royalty free. More..

Supported compilers
C#, C/C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic NET, VBA, LabView, FoxPro, PowerBuilder and other Windows programming tools (MS .NET ?).

Extensive collection of samples for C#, C/C++, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic (VB6), Visual Basic NET are included. More..


A flexibel and portabel library for use in Windows or Linux application*.

* Please select the specific Windows or Linux products codes.

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