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Please note that not all features are supported by every SuperCom software package. Please consult the Content Description and the chart of Software and Features to make sure the feature you want is supported by the selected SuperCom software.

Common Features List  (valid for Serial, TCP/IP and ISDN)
  • Trouble free and rock solid data communication through many different data communication links
  • Portable functions and API
  • Easy to use and versatile API, not bound to one specific compiler only
  • Fully buffered data transmission and background operation
  • Simultaneously control up to 255 concurrent connections per application
  • Short reaction times
  • Non blocking low level data communication engine
  • Support for asynchronous RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Modem, TAPI, ISDN and TCP/IP is available (see also Software and Features)
  • Industrial Protocols like 3964/3964R, RK512, AS511, LSV/2, Heidenhain LSV/2 Library and MODBUS are available (see also Software and Features)
  • Terminal emulation: ANSI, VT100, VT52, TTY
  • User Event Functions: More than 35 different communications events report when: data received, transmit buffer gets empty, special data received, complete data packets received, connecting progress, status of file transmission and progress, plugging or unplugging of PnP serial devices, TCP/IP network failures, ...
  • Send and receive binary data
  • Send and receive Unicode strings (Windows)
  • Advanced data logging and monitoring functionality (data recording)
  • Multitasking support
  • Multi threading safe (thread-safe) functions
  • Safe for multi threading environments
  • Supporting multiple concurrent connections, file transfers and data transfers in background
  • New and exceptional features in SuperCom for Windows* and Linux*
SuperCom provides intelligent functions that considerably speed-up the development process in order to deliver fast reliable solutions. More...
  • DataPacket - Receive and collect complete data packets automatically in background based on some definitions (DataPackets collector). More...
  • Trigger - Trigger events when custom data packets or strings received. More...
  • DataFilter - Modify a datastream on the fly. Low level data filtering functions e.g. activate ready made data filter or inspect and change data while received or transmited. Also supported custom filter functions. Write your own data filtering function. More...
  • Data Monitoring - Low level data monitoring functions - Integrated Debugging Library.
  • Event Reporting - Thread-safe event reporting and synchronization with Windows controls or runtime library.
  • File Transmission Queue - File transmission using Queue, automatically in background, reporting progress status. Simple function call! (More...)
  • Connecting in background - This function is working in background, reporting progress status, no need to develop threads! In the meantime the application can do other things.
  • Extended XMODEM protocol. XMODEM compatible incl. ZMODEM like features and more. The Extended XMODEM protocol offers buffers up to 64K for high speed file transfers, File Options (transmit file names, request a file from the sender, compare date, size etc.).
  • ZMODEM File Options - Instructions for the file receiver.
  • ZMODEM/8k block option and the powerful ADONTEC extension ZMODEM/32k (ZMODEM/64k shipped on request). More...
  • KERMIT Protocol
  • Integrated TAPI (Windows Telephony API) support.
  • Dynamic priority for the data communication (very low to ultra high)
  • Sharing Connections (e.g. TCP/IP or Serial) with a third party library is usually possible.
  • ... and many other functions and protocol extensions.

    * Windows and/or Linux (32 and 64Bit)

  • High performance data communication library
  • Since version 9, the software specific "Year 2038 Problem" for dates on files since the year 2038 is solved. SuperCom Version 9 and above handles file dates correctly into the year 2106.
  • SuperCom++ included (Objects and classes for C#, C++ class, Delphi / Pascal, Java, Perl, Visual Basic NET)
  • Many sample programs
  • Flexible and Cooperative (see sample)
  • Many real world sample programs included with source code to customize or use as is.
  • Detailed documentation incl. description of the hardware registers of V24 and/or RS232C. Many functions are documented including a short sample enabling a quick start and easy integration of SuperCom.
  • No Royalties (see License Terms)
  • Distribute with ease
  • Regular updates ensure compatibility with upcoming Windows versions
  • FREE technical support
Especially for Serial Communications (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485)
  • Easily read and write data through the serial port
  • Send data through the serial port without delay
  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
  • Up to 255 serial ports opened simultaneously and/or up to 255 connections simultaneously
  • FIFO Chip Support (e.g. UART 16550/16650/16750/16950)
  • Powerful flow control with RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR, XON/XOFF and user defined
  • Control lines DTR, RTS
  • Any baud rates supported by the hardware e.g. up to 921600 Baud (921,6 Kbps)
  • 9-Bit data framing More...
  • Interrupt sharing
  • Supports Multiport cards
  • Supports Multiport Intelligent cards
  • Under Windows, list installed serial ports, availability status, name and type
  • Under Linux, list installed serial ports and availability status
  • User Event Functions: More than 35 different communications events report when: line signals or modem signals change, data received, transmit buffer empty, special data received, complete data packets received, connecting progress, file transmission status and progress.
  • Dial-up connections using Modem (Hayes compatible)
  • Dial-up connections using TAPI (Windows Telephony API)
  • Direct access to a TAPI Modem also offered .
  • Dial-up connections using USB Modem
  • Establish connections using GSM / GPRS Modem. More...
  • Modem Sharing: Sharing a modem connection with other applications is usually possible.
  • SuperCom can use Virtual Serial Ports e.g. COMM ports routed to an Ethernet PortServer, COMM Server, Terminal Server or Serial Server.
  • Support for Wireless serial ports.
  • Support for Bluetooth to serial ports.
  • Support for Infrared to serial ports.
  • Using serial ports redirected through the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Supports USB to RS-232 / RS-485 adapters / converters that apear e.g. in Windows control panel as serial devices.
  • PnP Serial Port devices. SuperCom reports an event whenever a PnP serial port is attached or removed.
  • Sharing Serial Ports with a third party library is usually possible.
Especially for TCP/IP
Especially for ISDN
Especially for DOS/32, OS/2

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