Technical Support Services

ADONTEC is committed to providing quality technical support for our products to software developers. Several different support options are offered.

Free Technical Support

All software products we offer include FREE technical support:

*Starting from the date of purchase. In many cases our technical suppport staff searches for solutions on even older products. FREE technical support renews for the above duration with the purchase of an update, upgrade or a new license.

The free technical support, included with a software product, does not include extensive services like custom development, code reading or analysing customers software (understandingly).

Priority Support Service

Priority Support Services extend free technical support with extensive and time consuming services in order to work out a solution as fast as possible on a specific problem.

For maximum flexibility the following Priority Support Service options are offered:

Priority Support Service 3M
This one is ordered within 5 days of purchase of the software product and includes:

Priority Support Service 12M
This one can be ordered at anytime and includes:

Priority Support Service 1-Case
This one can be ordered at anytime and includes:

*1 month = 4 calender weeks.

What's included ?       

On each support case:

Each analysis includes a written multi-page report (PDF) showing possibly points of trouble and tips to recover.


Our personal is the only responsible to administer the support case and choose the proper way and means for seeking and solving the specific problem. The intention is to find the solution as fast as possible. Customers cooperation may become necessary during this search.

A Priority Support Service contract begins with the day of payment. Please provide your unique Service number on each contact.

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