SuperCom LSV2 Protocol Library, Serial Communication Library in automation and drive plc and robots from KUKA, SINUMERIC, BOSCH, BYSTRONIC, HEIDENHAIN and others. LSV2 according to DIN 66019.

SuperCom - LSV/2 Protocol Library
for Windows and Linux

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SuperCom Heidenhain Library
64 Bit Ready32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions available!

Samples supporting the NET Framework, C#, Visual Basic NET Serial, TCP, ISDN, data communication for Windows Serial & TCP/IP data communication for Linux

The LSV/2 Protocol Module

The SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module is a software protocol library used in automation and supports exchanging data packets with LSV/2 (or LSV2) aware controller. Using this protocol one can control robots, CNC machines, hotel check-in systems, key card system etc., by transmitting machine specific commands and receive responses.

LSV/2 Protocol LSV2 Serial Communication Library, LSV/2 protocol

To accomplish this task with ease, the SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module includes low level and high level functions. Protocol parameters like timeouts and repeat counts can easily be changed. The SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module can act as Master or Slave (with high or low priority).

The data packets transmitted or received may contain string data (ASCII), binary data or a combination of both. The content of the data packets is not checked by the SuperCom software. The SuperCom LSV2 protocol is not bound to a specific machine or manufacturer although (after more than 14 years of experience) it supports special idioms and easy adaption to machine specific requirements.
Even the data packets, transmitted by the application, are machine dependent, the LSV2 protocol is not attached to a specific machine or manufacturer.

A file transfer protocol based on LSV2 is also included.

Samples - LSV2 Protocol API:
C/C++ Sample - Transmitter

 BYTE       Com = COM_2;
 BOOLEAN    Master = TRUE;
 int        ErrorCode;

      ComInit (Com);
      ComSetState (Com, 19200, ...);

      if (RS_TXLSV2 (Com, "T-ID   ", 6, &ErrorCode, Master))  // *
         printf ("Sent successfully.\n");
         printf ("Error sending: %d \n", ErrorCode);

      ComReset (Com);


C/C++ Sample - Receiver

 BYTE     Com = COM_2;
 char     acBuffer [512];
 WORD     RXCount;
 int      ErrorCode;

      ComInit (Com);
      ComSetState (Com, 19200, ...);

      RXCount = sizeof (acBuffer);

      if (RS_RXLSV2 (Com, acBuffer, &RXCount, &ErrorCode))  // *
         printf ("Received %d Bytes\n", RXCount);
         printf ("Error receiving: %d \n", ErrorCode);

      ComReset (Com);

* a small extract of available funktionen. Functions for configuring the data link and others also included.

Accomplish with ease
Using the SuperCom Software you need only a handful functions to talk to the PLC. Your project is updated real fast. Samples for well known development environments are also included to help you start real fast.

The SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module is tested with various LSV2 capable machines and many customers use it successfuly with machines like SINUMERIC, BYSTRONIC, BOSCH, KUKA, HEIDENHAIN and others.

Box includes
 - SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module (DLL API)
 - Samples for C/C++, C#, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic

DOS Development is also supported by the SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module. DOS libraries for the widely used compiler (e.g. BC, MSC) can be obtained. Please confirm the DOS libraries you will need. For DOS Development SuperCom C/C++ for DOS is also needed.

What to order?
The LSV2 Protocol Module needs a SuperCom communication layer for the data transfer e.g. SuperCom Serial for Windows, SuperCom Suite for Windows. The SuperCom communication layer is required for establishing connections and the low level data transfer.
Favorable combinations available.

License Information
Executable Applications (e.g. .EXE) developed using SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module can be distributed royalty free. More..

Supported compilers
C++, C#, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic NET, C++ Builder, Borland C/C++, Microsoft C/C++, Borland Pascal, VBA, LabVIEW, FoxPro, PowerBuilder and other Windows programming tools (MS .NET ?).

The SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module over TCP/IP and ISDN
The SuperCom LSV/2 Protocol Module can also be used over TCP/IP and ISDN connections. This is possible using the appropriate communication layer e.g. SuperCom for TCP/IP, SuperCom for ISDN or the SuperCom Suite.


A flexibel and portabel library for use in Windows or Linux application*.

* Please select the specific Windows or Linux products codes.



SuperCom Heidenhain Library
A collection of functions specific to the Heidenhain TNC machines. More...

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