Java Data Communication Library

Serial Communication with Java. TCP/IP data communication with Java. File transfer using Zmodem, Kermit, Ymodem, Xmodem with Java.

A Data Communication Library for Java

java serial and tcp data communicating functions.Communication Solutions by ADONTEC
64 Bit Ready32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions available!

Use SuperCom to accomplish data communications using Java under Windows and Linux.

SuperCom enables developer to perform stable data communications by using a portable API with Java.

Easily build serial port and/or tcp/ip data communication program with Java.

Build serial data comm applications, TCP server or TCP client with Java in very short time.

Event driven data communications enable applications to run smooth, without blocking and perform many tasks in background (e.g. connecting, file and data transfer).

Establish connections through Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP, ISDN using one common API with Java (a common Java class library).

Control up to 255 connections concurrently within each application.

Many more details incl. common code snippets presented here.

Short Samples

Event driven TCP client / server (More ..)
It demostrates an API based on the high level Java class TSCom.

Event driven data communication (More ..)
demostrates the SuperCom API based on the Java class SuperCom.

Complete Samples
Java samples for serial communication, TCP client, TCP server, MODBUS and more are available. See some pictures.

What is included?
The functionality or each package is described here. Regarding Java you receive a very complete class library, the SuperCom Java Class Library, that integrates SuperCom seamless into Java programs.

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