The Data Communications Toolkit

Serial, TCP, ISDN data communication for Windows

The Data Communication Library for Windows

In one line: One common API, fast, rock solid, concurrent connections, low CPU consumption and high data throughput.


SuperCom is a versatile data communication toolkit (software component / library and tools) offering an easy to use, flexible and portable API to be used with different connection types (Serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Modem, TAPI, ISDN, TCP/IP).

SuperCom is the development tool for exacting data communication software.

The SuperCom API fits excellent into the modularity concept of Windows and is extremely portable. SuperCom was designed from the beginning to be used in high demanding commercial and industrial applications.

With SuperCom data communication (transmitting and receiving of data and many other functions) take place in the background enabling the application to perform other tasks while data transmission takes place.

Asynchronous Serial Communication Library RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit. ZMODEM, Kermit, 3964, 3964R, RK512, LSV2, protocol

The SuperCom functions are providing solutions for Serial Communications via serial ports, dial-up connections using Modem, TCP/IP Communications using the TCP/IP protocol or ISDN Communications.

File transfer functions supporting widely used standard protocols like ZMODEM, KERMIT, YMODEM, XMODEM, XMODEM/CRC, XMODEM-1K, ASCII are also included.

For the industrial professional special SuperCom packages include industrial protocols like 3964, RK512, AS511, LSV2, MODBUS, SuperCom Heidenhain Library, S7 ISO-on-TCP).

SuperCom is unique in it's way to be used within different development environments providing extensive API support and samples.

With SuperCom your are not bound to use one specific compiler only. You're free to use or switch your compiler (e.g. C/C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, ...) at anytime. This saves a huge amount of time and reduces the costs of development. SuperCom perfectly integrates with the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio (e.g. C#, C++, VB NET).

Setup and handle concurrently multiple connections, run lengthly jobs in background (for example: connect, file transfer, collect data packets, trigger events), execute fast with low latency and consume less is what SuperCom was made for from it's first day.

The complete integration of different ways of data communication offered through the SuperCom Suite enables one single application to handle simultaneously connections through Serial lines (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Modem, TAPI), TCP/IP and ISDN using only one and the same function set.

is not only written large but it is part of the SuperCom programme.
In addition to the powerful SuperCom API, SuperCom also offers an MSComm & PDQComm compatible ActiveX, a MSComm and PDQComm compatible NET class and also a SerialPort compatible NET class. Many options to upgrade existing projects and move to new Windows versions. New projects prefer the SuperCom API.
And of course you can use new SuperCom versions in existing SuperCom applications without the need to rewrite (backwards compatibility).

Software developers know only too well, that once a project completed (e.g. control a serial port communication device), the next request to come is to port the same to other communication types like TCP/IP, wireless etc. When using different tools and API to do that port it will increase cost of development and also introduce new type of errors that need to be tracked down. When using the SuperCom Suite a single application can setup and handle concurrently multiple connections (e.g. Serial lines, Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP and ISDN,...) using one and the same function set (API). Functions and protocols already developed remain unchanged. The application is gaining flexibility, transparency and is easy to maintain even by novice authors.

::: Data transfer rate may not always matter but it's good to know when and where it does.
SuperCom shows very short response times, especially when used with protocols transmitting small data packets (e.g. up to 128 Bytes per packet) or when communicating with embedded devices. The same also consists with RS-485 networks (multidrop data communication) or 9-Bit data framing. Industrial protocols are usually using small data packet size and are very sensitive to response time.

Files also should be transferred as fast as possible. A simple test with a well-known tool showed SuperCom nearly 40% ahead.

This responsiveness of SuperCom enables developers to control hundreds of connections concurrently within a single application and getting exceptional results. And it makes no difference if that is Serial or TCP/IP.
For example, the demands on an High-Speed TCP/IP Server are very high. Many things to observe and especially to handle fast without blocking the application nor Windows. When using the SuperCom for TCP/IP Library this job couldn't be easier! Many high-speed TCP/IP Server samples for various compiler already included.

Orbit your data! Even on slow satellite links, transmit your data with SuperCom safely and optimized data throughput. Provisions for file transfer (e.g. ZMODEM) already taken.

Securing your investment
SuperCom provides most complete tools that considerably speed-up the development process, produce reliable solutions and reduces costs. SuperCom supports nearly every developing environment and compiler. FREE updates are available to download for at least 6 months after the day of purchase. FREE technical support is included.

Secure your know-how with SuperCom! You can always count on ADONTEC's support and knowledge, even if the developer of your in-house solution leaves the company.

Working close with our customers, it become apparent that the most wanted solution has to meet the following requirements:

Good to know
SuperCom DLLs are native DLLs compiled for x86 or x64 processor. No P-Code or intermediate. This ensures that the code is executed as it was tested. It also runs faster since no other interpretation need to be done while it executes.
SuperCom DLLs are written in C/C++. This ensures portability with future OS releases, support for old and new compiler and many compiler-languages, extreme speed and robustness.

Many small and real world samples are included in source code for popular compiler incl. C/C++, C#, Visual C++, C++ Builder, Delphi incl. Embarcadero RAD Studio, FoxPro, Java, LabView, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual Basic NET (Visual Studio), VBA, MS Office (Excel, Word, Access).

Technical Support
The best tool is not much worth if the support is slow and clumsy or non-existent. Projects are running often a very tight schedule and have no time to waste. You will find the response times of our Technical Support Center are the shortest in the industry.

General License Information
SuperCom developers library. Please also pay attention to the license agreement that accompanies each product description.

A short description about the installation.


Any other reasons why I should use SuperCom ?

SuperCom API
Extremely powerful, flexible and full-featured SuperCom API to build robust, high performance data communications application.

Portable - One API to learn and use
Run your data communications using one API. It doesn't matter if Serial, ISDN or TCP/IP. If, for example, you need to port a Visual Basic 6 application, which is using the MSComm, to VB NET, just use the SuperCom ActiveX control or use the SuperCom NET Class Library, which offers the same API (so-called ActiveX API).

Portable - One API for Windows and Linux
Run your data communications under Windows or Linux using one API.

Reliable - The Most Important Part
Working closely with innovated and high demanding customers in industry we've cultivated our reputation for reliability. Our customers are used to get what we promise. The software must be rock solid or else it will fail sooner or later.

Flexible - Avoiding limits
The software offers many functions, protocols and customization possibilities. The software can be used with many developing environment (IDE) and compiler.

Technical Support - Located In-House
And is well trained with in-depth understanding of the technology.

You - Gain Confidence
Knowing that pro's with large in-depth know-how are backing you up.


Statements from recurring customers:
... we always were spending lots of work on data transfer! We saved some 10K since we moved to SuperCom Suite. Our development costs dropped and our software works like a charm. If we connect new devices most of our code remains the same. Perfect!

... it is like Christmas. The application is since "SuperCom 9" reaching an average of 1-2 ms per request with the serial port connected embedded measuring point. We only exchanged the DLLs!


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