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Short List of Customers and Application Areas / Industry

We are so sure we can help you too because we have done it for many others before.

The following list is only a small part of our customer base to mainly show the industry where SuperCom software applied with success. Among others, customers from Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Banking & Financial Services, Industrial Automation, Consumer goods, Control and Measurement Engineering, Education, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Energy, Fire Protection, Government, Healthcare, Medical Technology, Medical Equipment, Mining, Navigation, Security and Building Automation, HMI - Human Machine Interface and Automation, Operator Control and Monitoring Systems, Manufacturing, Media and Movie Industry, Telecommunications, Telematic, Transportation and Traffic Systems.


... as well as many freelance Software Developers and Engineers, Software Consultants, Institutes, Companies and "Global player".


Since 1990 professional developers use SuperCom to develop data communication software.

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