LabView - Serial & TCP/IP Communication Library for Windows and Linux

LabView - Serial & TCP/IP Communication Library for Windows and Linux


Serial and TCP/IP Communication Library, RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit. ZMODEM, Kermit, 3964, 3964R, RK512, LSV2, MODBUS, protocol

The SuperCom Serial & TCP/IP Communication Library for Windows or Linux is a programer's library used to develop data communication applications.

SuperCom supports a huge variety of data communication protocols used for file transfer like ZMODEM, Kermit, YMODEM, XMODEM and it also supports many industrial data communication protocols like 3964, RK512, AS511, S7, LSV2, Heidenhain, Modbus.

SuperCom also includes many samples build with LabView in order to shorten the learning curve and accelerate your progress.


SuperCom API
Extremely powerful, flexible and full-featured SuperCom API to build robust, high performance data communications application.

Portable - One API to learn and use
Run your data communications under Windows or Linux using one API.

Reliable - The Most Important Part
Working closely with innovated and high demanding customers in industry we've cultivated our reputation for reliability. Our customers are used to get what we promise. The software must be rock solid or else it will fail sooner or later.

Flexible - Avoiding limits
The software offers many functions, protocols and customization possibilities. The software can be used with many developing environment (IDE) and compiler.

Technical Support - Located In-House
And is well trained with in-depth understanding of the technology.

You - Gain Confidence
Knowing that pro's with large in-depth know-how are backing you up.


License Information

Executable Application (e.g. ".exe") developed using SuperCom can be distributed royalty free (complete text).

LabVIEW Samples

Some LabView Samples
There are considerably more examples in stock - also depending on the SuperCom product used.


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