Serial Port Communication Library and Data Communication Development Tools

Summary of serial port communication libraries and tools.

The following is a summary of the development tools offered for serial communication.

Serial Communication Library, ActiveX and NET Class Library

SuperCom - Serial Communication Library to develop serial communication programs with Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi. Control serial interfaces. Serial Port Communication with the .NET Compact Framework. Serial communication with VB .Net. Serial communication with C#.

When using SuperCom you easy overcome issues with different serial ports, RS-485 timing, file transfer protocol incompatibilities (ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, KERMIT, ASCII), replace MSComm control.

Easily read and write data to the serial port. Send data through the serial port without delay.

In serial communication flow control is used to prevent buffer overrun. The hardware or software flow control (e.g. RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR, XON/XOFF) can be taken over fully transparent by SuperCom.

Every serial interface runs with it's own transmit and receive buffer to prevent data loss and give the application the time to perform other tasks too.

Hardware errors are detected and if required reported.

Establishing dial-up connections is easy and it's featured directly through a Modem or using TAPI (Windows Telephony API).

Serial communication RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit. Control serial interfaces. Protocols ZMODEM,YMODEM,XMODEM,KERMIT,ASCII

SuperCom includes a NET Serial Communication NET Class and a clone class of the .NET class SerialPort.

SuperCom is a library for easy serial port access with multiple communication lines.

File transmission with standard protocols like ZMODEM,YMODEM,XMODEM,KERMIT,ASCII.

Industrial Protocols: MODBUS, AS511, 3964R, RK512, LSV/2 are available to support industrial data communications with PLC and automation controllers.

Serial Port Communication ActiveX

SuperCom - Serial Communication ActiveX to develop serial communication programs with Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi. Easy access to serial ports supporting simoultaneously access to multiple serial lines.

MSComm compatible ActiveX - easy to replace MSComm32. Serial OLE control and serial port component ActiveX.

Transmit files with ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, KERMIT, ASCII file transfer protocols.

Serial communication ActiveX. RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit. Serial component ActiveX, control serial interfaces. Protocols ZMODEM,YMODEM,XMODEM,KERMIT,ASCII

The SuperCom Serial ActiveX easily replaces MSComm and thus known MSComm related errors. More...

Serial Data Monitor, capturing serial data

SOftware application to capture and analyze serial data under Windows.

Serial Data Analyzer, with options for RS-232, RS-485, PCMCIA...

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