SuperCom S7 Protocol Library

Following a short list of some API functions:

RS_S7GetEventCode Provides the event code, when an S7 event was reported  (Event function)
RS_S7OpenLink Open connection to a S7
RS_S7CloseLink Close the connection with the S7
RS_S7Ready Ready to communicate with the S7?
RS_S7GetSetConfig Get or set the connection parameter
RS_S7OpenSession Establish a session with the remote PLC protocol stack
RS_S7CloseSession Terminate the session with the remote PLC protocol stack
RS_S7Fetch Retrieve data e.g. Inputs, Outputs, Flags, Data block, Counter, Timer,..
RS_S7Write Transfer data to the S7 and change operand values
RS_S7RequestCreate Create a complex request in order to access different operands. This increases the data throughput again and reduces the load on the net.
RS_S7RequestSend Transmit the request to the S7 for execution and expect data, if any
RS_S7RequestExtractData Extract the data received from an executed complex request




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