SuperCom S7 Protocol Library

Following a short list of some API functions:

RS_S7GetEventCode Provides the event code, when an S7 event was reported  (Event function)
RS_S7OpenLink Open connection to a S7
RS_S7CloseLink Close the connection with the S7
RS_S7Ready Ready to communicate with the S7?
RS_S7GetSetConfig Get or set the connection parameter
RS_S7OpenSession Establish a session with the remote PLC protocol stack
RS_S7CloseSession Terminate the session with the remote PLC protocol stack
RS_S7Fetch Retrieve data e.g. Inputs, Outputs, Flags, Data block, Counter, Timer,..
RS_S7Write Transfer data to the S7 and change operand values
RS_S7RequestCreate Create a complex request in order to access different operands. This increases the data throughput again and reduces the load on the net.
RS_S7RequestSend Transmit the request to the S7 for execution and expect data, if any
RS_S7RequestExtractData Extract the data received from an executed complex request


Informational e.g. CPU protection (Mode, Switch, Password Level), Ethernet (ip, mac,..), ModuleName, ModuleTypeName, SerialNumber, ...


Provides info on Module, HW, Firmware, Version, Mfg, ...


Provides misc. LED states


Provides run status (e.g. Run, Stop)

RS_S7GetDateTime, RS_S7SetDateTime

Get or set the actual plc date and time.




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