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linux equivalent functions to Windows critical sections, threads, handles etc. Porting a Windows application to Linux can be easier than you expect ...

Version 2.0 (New)

Windows to Linux Porting Library

New version! Now also available for Raspberry Pi Linux OS, (ARM CPU)! !

Porting Windows API thread applications to Linux. Porting Windows application to Linux. Porting library. Windows to Linux. C, C++, Pascal, equivalent functions for beginthread, beginthreadex, EnterCriticalSection,CreateHandle, Event Handle,WaitForSingleObject, WaitForMultipleObjects,WritePrivateProfileString, GetPrivateProfileString, Sleep, FindFirstFile, FindNextFile, ...

Are You looking for linux equivalent functions to Windows critical sections, threads, handles etc. Well, here you found it!

Porting Windows applications to Linux can result to an unpredictable time consuming process especially with OS dependend task like threads, events, critical sections, shared libraries, INI files.

The majority of Windows applications were developed without considering the need to port them ever to Linux or at least in the near future. For some Windows applications porting them to Linux can become a porting nightmare. Using the right tools it doesn't have to be one.

The Windows to Linux Porting Library (W2LPL) offers a Windows (WIN32 API) style API under Linux and enables a smooth port of an Windows application to Linux.

The Windows to Linux Porting Library (W2LPL) eases the transition from a Windows API application to a Linux application by offering some of the most wanted features from the Windows API inside the Linux environment e.g.

Handling of Threads
beginthread, beginthreadex, GetExitCodeThread, GetCurrentThread, GetCurrentThreadId, ...

Handling of Shared Libraries (.so)
LoadLibrary, FreeLibrary, GetProcAddress

Handling of Critical Sections
InitializeCriticalSection, EnterCriticalSection, LeaveCriticalSection, TryEnterCriticalSection, DeleteCriticalSection, ...

Event handling
CreateHandle, CloseHandle, SetEvent, ResetEvent, PulseEvent, WaitForSingleObject, WaitForMultipleObjects, ...

Handling of profile files (INI files)
WritePrivateProfileString, GetPrivateProfileString, GetPrivateProfileInt, GetPrivateProfileSection, ...

Searching for files
FindFirstFile, FindNextFile, FindClose, ...

Sleep & Timing
Sleep, GetSysTime, GetElapsedTime, ...

WIN32 API C/C++ Types

... and other helper functions.

Please also consult the manual for more details.

The Windows to Linux Porting Library (W2LPL) offers portable functions to incorporate into a Linux 32 bit or 64 bit application.

Speed-up your Windows to Linux port and create a stable Linux application by using the Windows to Linux Porting Library (W2LPL). The W2LPL library is used in commercial applications worldwide and also in SuperCom for Linux.

Customer's of the W2LPL library are encouraged to post requirements so our engineers can research if a required feature can be implement in order to ease the porting of even more specific parts.
By using the Windows to Linux Porting Library (W2LPL) one also profits from professional technical support offered.

Example ProgramPorting Windows API thread applications to Linux,library, C, C++, Pascal, beginthread, beginthreadex, EnterCriticalSection,CreateHandle, Event Handle

License Information

One license per developer. A site license can be used by an unlimited number of developers working for the same entity (e.g. company) within the same physical location (building or city limits).
Executables developed using the W2LPL library can be distributed royalty free. More ...

Supported compilers

C, C++, Pascal, and any other compiler / language using Linux shared libraries (.so). Optionaly, a C/C++ static library can also be provided.

Supported Operating Systems

Linux 2.4 or newer and also to it compatible OS (e.g. Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Raspberry Pi OS).


Q: Will this library port GUI code blocks also ?
A: W2LPL supports a function set as listed in the manual. The GUI is a huge part and W2LPL does offer any support for this.

F: no #ifdef's ?
A: The W2LPL library enables to compile a common source code in Windows and Linux. In order to enable this equivalent functions were implemented for Linux.

F: Speed ?
A: The W2LPL library is well designed and optimized. By using ready made and matured functions the application can gain stability and under circumstances some speed advantage. But the major profit is the short path required to port a Windows application to Linux.


Need any special function? Please don't hesitate to ask. We are continuously updating this library.


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