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FAQ on using the SuperCom .NET Class Library

Q: What is the SuperCom .NET Class Library ?
A: The SuperCom .NET Class Library unfolds the SuperCom functionality under NET. The SuperCom .NET Class Library is offering a native way of using SuperCom under the .NET development environment.

Q: Is it a lite version of some SuperCom package ?
A: Absolutely not! The SuperCom .NET Class Library is DUAL API and may provide even more functionality in some areas than the ActiveX control or the DLL API on it's own. You get access not only to standard file transfer protocols (e.g. XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, KERMIT, ASCII) but also to any other industrial protocol (e.g. MODBUS, 3964, RK512, AS511, LSV/2), if included with the SuperCom license you own.

The SuperCom .NET Class Library can control Serial Ports, TAPI, ISDN, TCP/IP connections based on the SuperCom license you own (see Software and Features).

Q: How is it comparing to SerialPort ?
A: The SuperCom TSCom class is way ahead of the NET SerialPort class. With SuperCom you get a professional data communication library which includes most wanted data communication functions, file transfer protocols, sophisticated background control, intelligent data collectors, event driven data communications, one API for Serial, TCP/IP, ISDN, ... With SuperCom you avoid the many known limitations and issues when using SerialPort e.g. Encoding issues, data throughput, timing and latency, hardware and driver compatibility issues and many more. SuperCom is a specialist on data communications, actively developed and supported. A SerialPort clone class is also included on a "as-is" basis without support.

Q: Can I use that SerialPort clone included ?
A: The SerialPort clone class is a limited research project and included with source code only to be used for tests and research. It is not supported. This does not mean it is not working. It is working perhaps even better than the original but we wan't offer technical support for an unofficial piece of software developed only to show how it could be done. Using the official class TSCom or SuperCom is the only way to get the advanced features and robustness offered by SuperCom.

Q: Why is the SuperCom NET Class Library not offered separately ?
A: This would definitely limit you on the type of library, API and compiler you can use (More). Based on it's content, it would not be priced differently than the SuperCom package containing it now.

Q: Why not use the ActiveX control instead of this class library ?
A: This is definitely your choice. We provide you with all kind of libraries (DLL, ActiveX, .NET Class) and you decide which one to use. We provide you with tools and libraries that are not bound to a specific compiler or development environment. You are free to use the compiler that fits better or even combine some in order to get the best result (e.g. C++ to create a DLL, Delphi, Visual Basic or C# to build the GUI).

Q: What are the limitations using it instead of using the SuperCom ActiveX control?
A: None. The SuperCom .NET Class Library offers the same amount of functions, protocols, events, methods, properties as the SuperCom DLL API and the SuperCom ActiveX API. The SuperCom .NET Class Library is DUAL API and may provide even more functionality in some areas than the ActiveX control or the DLL API on it's own. Using the ActiveX API included with the class library (class TSCom) offers the same and more as the ActiveX control.

Q: Does it offer similar events as the ActiveX control ?
A: Yes. The same amount of events and even more details are available. Due the different kind of interfaces there are some minor differences in the declaration (see some .NET samples).

Q: Is it possible to replace the MSComm control with the SuperCom .NET Class Library ?
A: Yes. The same methods, properties, events offered. Some minors changes may be required due the different kind of interfaces but this is not really time consuming. Small projects may replace within a few minutes.

Q: Is it possible to replace the SerialPort class with the SuperCom .NET Class Library ?
A: The SuperCom .NET Class Library does also include a SerialPort class offering similar functions (a subset of).

Q: Is it possible to develop a service application ?
A: Yes, the SuperCom .NET Class Library can be used within a Windows service application.

Q: Is it possible to develop console application ?
A: Yes, the SuperCom .NET Class Library can be used within a console application. Many samples are available.

Please find a small console application sample here

Q: Is the source code of the SuperCom .NET Class Library included ?
A: Yes! The SuperCom .NET Class Library is included completely with its C# source code. The source code offers a huge source of insights and informations and also ensures your investment - you can use it as is (C# or DLL) or recompile with any .NET CLR (e.g. CLR 1.x, 2.0, 3.x, 4.x, ...)!
It may contain about 10,000 lines of C# code, but don't let this size fool you, it contains only the source code of the SuperCom .NET Class Library and not the complete SuperCom library!

Q: Does SuperCom support WPF applications ?
A: Yes! Using the SuperCom .NET Class Library one can easily develop WPF application. Sample(s) available.

Q: Does SuperCom support WPF XAML Browser Application ?
A: Yes! Using the SuperCom .NET Class Library one can easily develop WPF XAML Browser Application that can execute in Internet Explorer. Sample(s) available.

Q: With all that different product boxes available, how to decide which one to use ?
A: If you provide our staff with the right input, they will try to guide you to the right one.

Q: Why are you bundling that much in each SuperCom package ?
A: Well, we offer tools for professionals, not for the hobbyist, even if a lot of them are also using it and we're really happy about it.
With software you have no extra cost shipping some MB more and the intention is to give to software developers the freedom to choose the library, functions, protocols and even the compiler that will produce the best results. Finaly no one is using 100% of any software.
With SuperCom we're working on building bridges, not boundaries. The product is fairly priced since the audience are not only Fortune 100 Companies but also Small IT Business, Engineers and Freelancers.
We love to get the call from customers requesting updates for software running out in the field for more than ten years!

Q: Why don't you offer trial version?
A: We do a lot more. We provide ready-made DEMO software that show nearly all of what is possible, saving you time while you're testing for hardware, operating system or protocol compatibility. The source code of the DEMO is also included with the product. Many samples for many compiler, on this web site, show functions an how to use.
If you are novice in software development or just unsure which product to select, we gladly assist. eMail your requirements and we will return to you fast. What we offer is guaranteed to work as documented and we provide fast and accurate technical support to our customers.
We cannot provide that service for playing around with trial software, sorry!

Q: What kind of NET samples are included ?
A: The SuperCom .NET Class Library includes many samples mainly for C#, C/C++ and Visual Basic NET. Depending on the owned SuperCom package, it may include samples for Serial, Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP client/server, Modem & TAPI server, server for multiple type of connections (Serial, Modem, TAPI, TCP/IP, ISDN), samples transmitting files, handling trigger, collecting data packets, monitoring data, samples for industrial protocols (e.g. (S5) 3964, RK512, AS511, LSV2, MODBUS, SuperCom Heidenhain Library, S7 ISO-on-TCP).

Some of the NET Samples:

CSharp, VBNet, CSharpOnComm, CSharpOnFile, CSharpSuiteOnComm, CSharpOnCommConsole, CSharpTxRxFileConsole, CSharpWPF, TstWPF.., VBNetOnConnect, VBNetServer, VBNetClient, CSharpTcpServer, CSharpTcpServerConsole, CSharpTcpOnFile, AppMultiServer, AppMultiServerDLLAPI, CSharpModemServerConsole, CSharpGateWay, VBNetXFile, ...

Some of the above samples are originating or were used in real-world applications.
The manuals do also present small samples and code slices.

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