The SuperCom Keys

Q: What are the SuperCom Keys ?
A: The SuperCom Keys are modules that are dynamically loaded by the master module SuperCom. The communication functionality is placed into the various Keys. Using the master module SuperCom different types of communications can be combined into one single application i.e. RS-232 and TCP/IP. The Keys concept helps keeping modularity by using one common set of functions (Common SuperCom API) and reducing the learning curve.

Q: Is it complicated to use ?
A: No. After installing the SuperCom Suite or the Keys there is no difference in using the SuperCom. The whole process is working transparently. Same functions, same libraries to link.

Q: Are the Keys compatible with applications developed with previous versions of SuperCom ?
A: Yes. The engineers of SuperCom always pay attention to the functionality of the previous version of SuperCom.

Q: How to optain Keys ?
A: The SuperCom Keys are available for products with DUAL API. Registered user of the latest SuperCom products receive SuperCom Keys for the owned product at no additional charge (FREE). Please send requests for Keys directly to our technical support. Donít forget to mention the owned SuperCom product, the version and the serial number.
The Keys are included by default within the SuperCom Suite.

SuperCom Keys are currently available for:

Q: Additional coding needed ?
A: Yes. One has to select the communication type bevor initializing a port or the default (RS-232) will be used.

e.g. without Keys

    ComInit (..)

  ActiveX API

with Keys / SuperCom Suite

    ComGetSetConfig (..)   //select the comm type
    ComInit (..)

  ActiveX API

The second sample "with Keys" is compatible with either version.

Communications types can be added by simply copying and/or installing the Key DLL into the directory where the master module SuperCom.DLL resides. The new communication type is available after restarting the application. Applications like a Gateway or a PortServer are now very easy to be done.

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